Landscape with Peacock & View of Puget Sound
The Burke Museum, Seattle, WA
Tiffany Studios
Creation Date
Date of Restoration
Originally designed by Agnes Northrop for the home of John & Eliza Leary in Seattle, WA, the “Landscape with Peacock” and “View of Puget Sound were installed in 1906. After the death of Mrs. Leary in 1935 the Red Cross purchased and used the house as its headquarters until 1948, when it was then purchased by the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia for use as its diocesan offices. These two windows remained in place until they were removed in the 1960’s and donated to the Burke Museum.

The large 16’ x 8’ window features a peacock perched on a brick wall surrounded by brilliant red hollyhocks and amethyst and pink morning glories, all overlooking a bucolic lawn and pergola beside a peaceful lake.

Many of the large plates within both windows were broken; some were missing fragments and some missing altogether. Dirt accumulated between the plates obscured light and diminished subtle color effects. New glass from Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co. was made to replace missing glass, originally from Kokomo. Hxtal NYL-1 was used to edge glue broken pieces, while copperfoil was used to repair breaks that could not be glued properly. Original perimeter leads were replaced to re-establish strength for all panels. The peacock’s tail is comprised of 6 layers of glass, half of which is acid etched.

The smaller (8’ x 8’) window presents a view of Puget Sound featuring the Pacific madrone trees native to that area.

In the 1980’s both windows were removed from exhibition and placed in storage. The Burke Museum undertook a major renovation project in 2016 and it was then decided a permanent installation would be part of the new museum. Rededication of both windows at the new Burke Museum took place in September 2019.