King David with Angels
First Presbyterian Church of Lockport, New York
Frederick Wilson for Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co.
Creation Date
Restoration Date
In this window from 1901 King David plays the harp a scene depicted in the bottom section of this 20’ tall window. Above him is a pair of angels carrying flaming torches, a spray of lilies, and the “crown of eternal life”. This is the layout for the ensemble of sanctuary windows at First Presbyterian Church of Lockport, New York. A classic architectural device of dividing the room by means of a balcony gives the impression of two ranks of windows; one in the lower sanctuary and one in the gallery. Scenes from the Old and New Testament are portrayed in the lower register while pairs of angels fill the upper register.

Weight of the glass plus a weak design element in the lower section of the window caused it to buckle and the panel above it to slip. In the 1960’s these sections were removed for repair and at that time many lead flanges were added and broken glass was replaced with poor repairs.

The entire 20’ window was removed for complete restoration. Failed leads were replaced with leads matching the originals although a total relead was determined not necessary. Poor repair glass selections were replaced with superior matches resulting in the elimination of visual holes and distractions.