Chapel Windows
Congregation Beth Or, Maple Glen, PA
Indre Bileris, Thomas Venturella
Creation Date
We were approached by Congregation Beth Or to design, fabricate and install six new windows for the Jayne Haines Memorial Chapel at their synagogue. The large central window, designed by Venturella and painted by Indre Bileris, reflects the historic Jewish journey through the desert into the Promised Land. We are presented with an arch that invites one to pass through a gateway of God’s gifts; one not made of stone, but of the seven species that fortify and instill hope on the journey along the path of life ahead. It is abundant with grapes, figs, olives, dates, wheat, barley and pomegranates.The two tall side windows repeat the Seven Species including the lulav and etrog in an ornamental fashion to celebrate year round the nourishment of Faith and God’s gifts to His people.

The three clerestory windows, designed and painted by Indre Bileris, each depict a significant city in the physical landscape of Israel, combining spiritual ideals of Jewish faith with the life and history these places exemplify.

Jerusalem is presented as the spiritual center where scholarly study has been active for centuries, and where many seek the repair of the soul.

Tsvat portrays the thrust of this hilltop city as it reaches up toward God, where important events in Jewish life are celebrated. It also exemplifies the principal of loving kindness in action.

Tiberius depicts the comfort of the healing waters, the peaceful beauty of God’s creation, and the significance of the word of God, where it was first written.